Things to consider when getting a GPS dog collar


When your pet becomes your friend, you will never want it out of your sight especially if you are  lonely and need a companion.The young puppies don’t think that way, all they want is to  explore their environment, especially if they are of the runaway breeds like Labrador retrievers, Huskies, Jack Russell terriers, German shepherds, spaniel breeds, and Chihuahuas. If they get lost while hiking or in a camping experience, it is usually hard to get them back. This underscores the relevance of a GPS pet tracker to every pet owner. While purchasing a gps dog collar, there are some things to be considered.

Cost and specifications

While buying a GPS dog collar, the cost of the collar and subscription fee should be factored. Also to be considered, should be the specifications of the pet tracker which varies with price. Basic GPS collars cost between $100-$200 while more advanced collars with longer GPS range and can measure the dog’s vital signs amongst other features cost between $500 to $800 . Subscription fee will lie around $10-$15. Depending on what specifications you consider important. advanced GPS trackers may be the choice otherwise stick to the basic collars.

Battery life and durability

You don’t want to buy a GPS pet tracker that will keep you worried about it’s battery life, your dog mat get missing one day and you don’t want you hear that the battery ran down. In choosing a GPS pet tracker, look out for one with a pro-battery because it lasts longer, also pet trackers with more features will need more power. Be sure your dog collar has a battery life of at least 24 hours. Also, take into consideration the durability of your dog collar, if it will still work even if your dog  splashes in a puddle, scratch its neck against a fence  or get into a fight with other dogs. Learn more.

GPS range and accuracy

Your breed of dog will determine the GPS range you will look at for. If your dog will only wander in the backyard or join you for morning walks, then a short range GPS tracker is fine but when you have got a hunting dog or you frequently take the dog for hiking or camping , consider a pet tracker  with a longer range

Choose a pet tracker that works with your phone

Pet tags that connect with your phones are most convenient because, you can instantly track  the location of your dog in your phone’s map app. Too, you can have the ability to turn on the light on the collar to find your dog if it gets lost in the dark.


When looking out for a pet collar, just be sure that your pet is comfortable with tracker . Some trackers are too stiff on the neck or heavy on smaller breeds. Any GPS pet tracker that limits the movement of your dog is uncomfortable and not advisable.


GPS pet trackers is a must have item for every pet owner that allows his or her pets to move outside the house, however what pet tracker is best soon becomes an issue. Checking for online reviews on GPS dog collar brands and knowing what specifications are important to you are the best steps in getting the perfect deal. Check out this site: